Housekeeping Trolley


Loading Capacity 50-100 kg
Cart Dimensions (mm X mm X mm) 1910X580X1115mm
Material Structofoam
Usage Hotels, Hospitals, Industries


Each and every Nu Keeper application has its own needs and requirements. The Nu Keeper NKL models is housekeeping equipment which is incorporate all of the professional design features of the Nu Keeper range but are sized to suit small to medium sized establishments. The chassis is fitted with four large caster wheels.
The NKL series are all based on our Hi-mobility AT chassis, incorporating 200mm soft ride castors and all-round bump protection. There is a choice between the innovative Flexi Front with hideaway front cover and our Hard Front cabinet design. Both designs are available in 3 variations in order to provide additional laundry bag facilities and can be used as maids cart & guest room service trolley.

Model No Bags Trays Castors Size
NKL 17 2 x100L 5 x 10L 4 x 200mm 1910x580x1115mm


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